After Being Muted by Uk-based Runescape Programmer

After Being Muted by Uk-based Runescape Programmer



In a Pennsylvania federal appellate courtroom, judges ruled that being muted on RuneScape Gold  does not constitute a breach of free speech. The ruling, which upheld an earlier circuit-court decision, was handed out from the third district of appeals to January 22nd in response to a claim filed by streamer Amro Elansari. Elansari, a litigator, issued the suit after being muted by UK-based RuneScape programmer, Jajex, in March of 2019. Account mutes are given out.

Elansari claims that Jajex's decision to mute his accounts was more than a justified exercise of power, suggesting that it transported intent. At a handwritten lawsuit, Elansari writes that the accounts mute is a discriminatory"violation of due process, free speech, and human rights." As retribution, the streamer searched damages equivalent to"whatever the prosecution sees fit" and a removal of this mute on his account.

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