Tomorrow POE Heist will officially succeed Harvest as the mainstream league that players love

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The biggest update in POE’s history will release tomorrow. Players have expressed their expectations for the upcoming POE Heist. At present, what they can know is that there will be 13 brand new NPCs, new towns and trinkets, new unique items and improved skills in the game. If they can use POE Currency and POE Items stored in the Harvest League well, they will quickly build advantage in the game tomorrow.

Rogue Harbour is a very important place for players’ experience in POE Heist. Players need to form a robbery team that they think is the most reasonable and best based on their economic strength and needs. There they can hire various thieves to assist in the robbery. Everyone in the robbery team needs to have some unique and practical skills essential to help players complete the robbery. Without them, players are likely to fail and return empty-handed.

In the whole robbery process there needs to be a thief who can open the lock, a thief responsible for transporting stolen goods, and a thief who can remove the trap, etc. Each player can hire up to thirteen thieves. They scatter rogues throughout the rogue port, ready to hire with Markers. At the port, they will be engaged in planning robberies, talking with NPCs, buying and selling goods, and crafting. They can enter the port by spending tokens in the town or your hideout. Once in Rogue Harbour, the entire plan begins.

Players must remember that they must plan a thorough action plan based on each rogue’s expertise and the target of the robbery, and make a Plan B to prevent emergencies. After completing the robbery, they must quickly flee the scene. They also need to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to get items helpful to the entire action plan.

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