GGG has invested a lot of effort only in the POE league release cycle

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When POE released ten years ago, few players were interested in it. They put in a lot of effort and finally completed the development of the Beta version after spending over two years. But the result is still not satisfactory. The game team’s background data showed that the number of registered users was not even 70,000. Now that POE can develop so well thanks to their persistence and hard work. Players should accumulate some POE Currency for the upcoming new content.

The game team decided in March 2016 that POE will release a new league every three months. I have to say that this time period is really well set. It not only allows players to experience all the fun things in the current league and get a satisfying experience, but also does not make players feel too boring and always keep looking forward to the next league. This adds content to the game and comprehensively reforms existing mechanisms. The creativity of the development team will directly relate to whether the players can get a perfect experience.

According to the time of a new league every three months, GGG will release four leagues with different creative themes in one year. The company’s profitability is enough to allow them to encounter several bad things every year, as long as they are interesting, regardless of the number of players rising is not ideal. If possible, the gaming team stated that they would rather reduce the pressure on the number of users and try to avoid letting other employees hide this pressure.

After some improvements, they all found a solid position in the fan experience. The game team will make improvements based on the feedback from players for a period after they release each league. This approach not only ensures that the game maintains long-term vitality but also allows players to feel that they are playing the game with their heart. Soon POE will release many recent activities. It’s time for players to Buy POE Items and POE Orbs. Come on!