What content will the improved Path of Exile Harvest present to players?

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Those players who have just joined Path of Exile Harvest will first go to the sacred jungle guarded by Oshabi to collect seed catches and bring them back to their gardens for planting. The normal step is for players to cultivate seeds and then kill all the monsters produced to get rare materials and vitality. They can use the goat items to trade POE Currency or improve their weapons and equipment, etc. In addition, the improved skills and functions also provide players with magnificent surprises.

Harvest includes 12 unique extra items that players can find, some of which are unique to Sacred Grove content. An example of a Doryan prototype is a unique weapon that can improve the ability of electric shock attacks by reducing lightning resistance. However, it uses your character’s lightning resistance to determine the effect of this enemy spell - the lower the value, the weaker the opponent. In contrast, lightning strikes as it absorbs armor.

In addition, the game team has changed the unique scenario to keep the game balanced. They hope that the use of these extras will keep players passionate about the game. Previously, the unique Moon bender Wing Ax only allowed a certain percentage of damage to turn into cold and lightning. There are also rotating telegram coils that not activated automatically. Now damage to Mont Bander, such as additional damage in cold or lightning, increases body damage by 100%. what they can use to duplicate DPS DP players.

So far, players are very fond of these new features. They are actively experiencing the new feelings brought to them by various mechanisms and equipment. Fortunately, the POE game team assured players some time ago that they will not postpone the release of the new league in September and December with a high probability. But players may have to wait until next year to see the POE 2 Beta. Players should seize the opportunity that many agents are doing promotional activities to Buy POE Orbs a lot. There will be more fun content next.