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The POE game team recently updated the graphics driver in the game to show better graphics to players. Players can now find that the screen effects are more beautiful during the game in Harvest. In addition, they also added some urgent patches to the game to counteract the problems with feedback from players. The sincerity of the development team impressed many players. Players have also become more active to buy POE Currency to prepare for future challenges.

In fact, the development team’s improvement of the game’s graphics this time is also preparing for next year’s POE 2. They hope to learn some experience to better release POE 2. If the players are not sure which screen effects they have improved, they can check in the official announcement. In fact, it is to simulate the light and shadow effect diffracted by the virtual camera. We can derive it from the principle that the extremes of things must be counterproductive. If players pursue this visual effect too much, it will definitely be counterproductive.

They explained to the players that the new Bloom system based on the excellent parts of the old version and then innovated. The new system can automatically present the corresponding visual effects for the players according to the environment the players are in, without the need for the original Fake Bloom Particles. The game team has removed unnecessary parts from the effects that still exist in the current version. Although it may require players to wait a long time, once successful, players will see a Bloom system with excellent performance.

What surprised the game team is that players dislike the updated Bloom system. Therefore, they also provide players with many open choices to ensure the players’ freedom of the game. It needs more time to improve to the satisfaction of players. Although it is difficult, they hope that players can do their best to support their work. With the increasing popularity of the game, players can still Buy POE Currency to enjoy the joy that the game brings to them. Those who want to join POE can now download the game for free on PS4 and Xbox and start playing.

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