Madden 20 released many Golden Ticket players including Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson

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Many Madden 20 Golden Ticket players were officially added to the game on the 23rd of last month. Players can choose Julio Jones and Calvin Johnson to play according to their needs. In addition, thanks to the Golden Ticket Program, players can upgrade Zac Gentry to a better player card. The Golden Ticket player representatives for Madden 20 are the two top players, Julio Jones and Calvin Johnson. This greatly stimulated players' enthusiasm for Madden 20. Players also increasingly need MUT Coins to help them improve their competitiveness.

Since the release of Golden Ticket Players, players can create what they think are the best MUT players according to their own ideas. Players usually rate the players they set as 99 points. The MUT roster will use Julio Jones as the main weapon. Falcon receiver data shocked players. He has a 97-point speed, 99-point bounce and 99-point sprint data. Players can get this skill after unlocking Deep Threat and Route Runner. Another passer in this group is Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions. Regarding his new card, it has an area coverage of 98 points, as well as a speed and game recognition ability of 97 points. In addition, he also has 96 points of acceleration and tackle and hitting power.

So how should players get new player cards in Ultimate Team? Players can find the Madden 20 Golden Ticket player card in many gift packages and store promotions. The probability of acquiring these three cards will be improved within 48 hours before the Golden Ticket player card is issued. In addition, players can only spend huge amounts of MUT 20 Coins to get them. After checking the prices of these player cards, we can see that on Xbox One, Jones cards are priced at 7.5 million Madden Coins. But Johnson's price is cheaper, players only need to spend 7.1 million mutcoins to get him.

These new Golden Ticket player cards will also appear in the upcoming 2020 NFL Trial Promotions. As mentioned above, players must pay a lot of MUT 20 Coins to get these excellent player cards. Buy MUT Coins looks more cost-effective on the agent's website where the items are cheap and the transaction is secure. And now there is good news that Madden 21 is about to meet the players. Players can take advantage of this opportunity to buy more MUT 21 Coins to deal with the complex game situation in the future.