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The Delirium schedule cycle is only a few weeks. But this is the trough of all the exciting new things in the upcoming expansion. Players' enthusiasm for this has greatly increased, and the demand for items such as POE Currency is also rising rapidly. Path Of Exile's first expansion this year is Delirium. Regarding the endgame content, players will have the opportunity to take over through a series of difficulties. The already huge skill tree can also be increased by using the special Cluster Jewel.

This expansion will focus on players discovering The Mirror of Delirium. As before, the new opponent will be created by activating the new object. Existing opponents will therefore become stronger. Therefore, players need to accurately consider the best dive time. The situation of the players will become more dangerous due to the addition of a large number of monster modifiers in this expansion. Now the rewards players receive will be directly proportional to the depth of Delirium.

Orbs Of Delirium is one of the most important items of this expansion. Like other modifiers, these can be applied to endgame maps to directly affect the intensity of the player ’s experience of cooked food. One orb can be difficult. Up to five orbs can be used at a time to get the most difficult modifiers, but you can also get the best return. Finally, the ultimate challenge is Simulacrum. In the deepest part of the player's deli, you can find Simulacrum Splinters. Once 100 are collected, the player can play the final battle in this expansion.

Path Of Exile has always created characters in the most suitable way for each player. Delirium will launch a total of four new skill games and three new auxiliary gems. For example, Blade Blast will allow players to strategically detonate the blades left by Ethereal Knives, Blade Vortex and Bladefall. Stormbind will place storm runes on the ground and spread when the player guides, and can also detonate until major damage is needed. New items have also been added, including new divination cards and unique items, which will further promote new unique construction opportunities. Perfidy is a glorious plate armor that will use two different banners at the same time, and provide gains for war banners and fear banners.

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